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About NAO (National Aerospace Organization)

Our Mission:      

The National Aerospace Organization identifies and advocates new technologies, innovative systems, and exceptional services that can improve commercial aviation and Department of Defense (U.S. Air Force, Naval and Marine Corps Aviation, Army Aviation), and NASA aerospace operations and support activities.   We are a strong advocate for emerging technologies and superior innovations that can benefit both commercial and military aviation.

Our Services:

- Producing promotional video for companies with exceptionally promising new technologies and innovations that can significantly benefit the military and commercial aviation sectors.

- Identifying new technologies, products, and services that can help improve operational and support activities within the aviation industry.

- Sponsoring aerospace, aviation, airport, and airbase support expositions / educational symposiums.

Our Ombudsman Role:

The National Aerospace Organization maintains its status as an unbiased ombudsman articulating the abilities of private industry while balancing these capabilities against the requirements of government agencies and commercial aviation.  This impartial role gives the National Aerospace Organization a unique ability to assist Federal agencies, prime contractors, commercial aviation industry, and small emerging businesses for the mutual benefit of all. 




Copyright 2007 - 2014   National Aerospace Organization (NAO).    All rights reserved.     Photos courtesy of National Aerospace Organization, iStock International, Dreamstime LLC, Air Force, NASA, and Department of Defense image services.   NAO is an independent technology liaison service.   It serves as an unbiased ombudsman matching the capabilities of private industry  with the requirements of the Department of Defense, United States Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and NASA.   NAO is not a Government agency; it operates via funding from student tuition, event sponsors, and private industry.    Participation of Government personnel as speakers or instructors does not necessarily imply official endorsement by any specific Federal agency.   NAO assists small businesses interested in selling to the military and competing for new DoD business opportunities.