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Military Airbases and Runway Snow Removal and De-icing Technologies
Air Force Base, Naval and Marine Corps Air Station, Army Aviation Airfield Winter Operations

    Heavy snowfall, sub-freezing temperatures and ice accumulation can wreak havoc on military airbase operations.  In fact, the number one cause for military airfield operations shutdown in the United States stems from harsh winter storms.  When this occurs, scheduled sortie production and ops tempo can be significantly impaired often causing a negative ripple effect at other military airbases and installations across the United States and internationally.  

     In order to avoid the disruption of mission schedules and operational plans for military organizations, airbases must be adequately prepared for winter weather conditions.  Airbase, flightline and runway snow removal procedures and winter contingency plans must be supported by reliable, capable equipment and technologies. Snow removal and de-icing personnel must be trained and prepared to properly use this equipment.


     The primary types of equipment used to remove snow from airbases (runways, flight lines, taxiways, and access roads) include: snow plows, mechanical runway sweeper brooms, and snow tractors / trucks with scrapper blades.  Some of the primary manufacturers of airbase / airport snow removal equipment include: Kodiak / RPM Technologies, Fortbrand, Vammas, and Oshkosh. 


     Another important aspect of airbase and airport winter operations includes protecting aircraft hangars, support facilities, and terminals from snow and ice accumulation on the roof.  An excellent method for doing this is via radiant roof heating and snow/ice melt systems.  Some of the major manufacturers of this technology include: Warmzone, Watts Radiant, Heatwave Systems, and Bylin Engineered Systems.   


     Finally, industrial heaters are often needed to provide a safe, reliable heat source for any situation where heat is needed.  Industrial heaters are used for equipment warm-up, aircraft hangars, aviation warehouses, loading docks, construction heating, and maintenance / paint shops.  A leading provider of aviation industrial heaters is MAC Industrial Heaters.           


Protecting Military Airbases from the Destructive Forces of Nature

     The National Aerospace Organization is hosting a symposium and exposition on November 15th, 2012 to address new technologies and innovations for effectively removing snow and ice from military airbases and commercial airports.  Exciting presentations will be provided to explain and demonstrate the most effective technologies and equipment for removing snow and ice from  runways, flight lines, taxiways, aircraft hangars, terminals and buildings. 



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Protecting Military Airbases
Commercial Airports
Against the Forces of Nature

Exposition and Symposium

November 15, 2012
Hilton Oceanfront Hotel (Cocoa Beach, Florida)

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