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Military Airbase
(Business Development Kit for Military Airbases - 2013 Edition)

Summary of Contents in Your Customized Consultation Kit


Points of Contact  (Over 1,000 senior leaders)
Includes names, addresses, and phone numbers for setting up
office calls and arranging product demonstrations

   -  U.S. Air Force Bases
         (90 Bases, commanders and senior leadership)
   -  U.S. Naval and Marine Corps Air Stations
         (20 Air Stations, commanders and senior leadership)
   -  Naval Facilities Engineering Command
         (NAVFAC Headquarters, 12 divisions and support
           organizations commanders and senior leadership)
   -  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
         (9 Regions & 44 Units, commanders and senior leadership)
   -  Defense Logistics Agency
         (Headquarters and 12 Support Centers
          senior leadership)
   - General Services Administration (GSA)
         (Senior leadership and over 90 product support
           business managers)
   - Small Business Programs - DoD, SBA, SBIR
           Over 120 points of contact
   - Prime Military Construction Contractors
         (Over 1000 points of contact & senior leadership for
           prospective partnership and sub-vendor opportunities)


Business Development Kit Photo - National Aerospace Organization

Military Construction (MILCON) for Airbases
Business Development Kit  (2013 Edition)

2.  Military Airbase Business Development Guidebook - 2013 Edition

- Department of Defense Spending Priorities and Projections for 2013
- Six Ways to Sell to the Military
- Preparing Your Company to Do Business with the Military
- How to Use FedBizOpps
- Small Business Support Programs
- Points of Contact at Military Airbases
- How and When to Make Office Calls
- Giving Product Demos and Solution Presentations to the Military
- Effective Networking with Military Organizations
- Defense Trade Shows and Exhibiting Strategies
- Partnering with Prime Contractors
- 25 Biggest Mistakes Contractors Often Make 

3.  Guidebook to United States Military Airbases

U.S. Air Force Organizations and Airbases
    - Major Commands
    - Support Organizations
    - 90 Airbases (Overview of Units and Missions)
    - 92 Air National Guard Bases and Units

U.S. Naval Air Stations
    - 12 Air Stations (Overview of Units and Missions)
    -  Naval Support Organizations
    - 12 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Divisions

U.S. Marine Corps Air Stations
    - 9 Air Stations (Overview of Units and Missions)
    - Marine Corps Support Organizations

U.S. Army Aviation Organizations and Air Fields
    - 7 Army Air Fields (Overview of Units and Missions)
    - Army Support Commands



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