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Karen Smutz, Photographer National Aerospace Organization

Karen Smutz
Official Photographer 
National Aerospace Organization


Karen Smutz
Official Photographer, National Aerospace Organization


     Me.....I have been involved with photography in one way or another for most of my life. I started out on the other side of the camera working as a model and posing as a princess at Disney. I had no idea how much those experiences would help me in the future. I worked my summer jobs during college at an old time photography studio.

     After I graduated from the University of Delaware I moved to Florida. I later worked as an elementary school teacher. When my husband and I started to think about having children of our own we adopted 2 children from South Korea. They are our children and we are totally blessed that God made us a family. Adoption truly is such a God thing. It was then that I returned to my roots and got a job at a local studio part time. I bought a Canon 40d and later a 5d Mark ii and everything took on a life of it's own. I had come full circle. I started taking more classes and attending workshops. I was hungry, and still am, to know more and to keep on top of the ever- changing business.

     My journey as an artist is an indefinite one. I feel like I am on a constant search for that one image....the one that speaks, the one that resonates within.....I feel like this is a faith based profession. I know in my heart that the images that speak are there long before I pick up the camera. I just don't know what they are yet. I only know that they are there and that it is my job to find them..... I consider myself lucky to have found my passion in life and my true calling.  I seriously love my job. 

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