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*Did You Know?

      - There are over 400 Million business-related video views on YouTube per day.

     - Over 75% of airport / airline executives and military aviation decision makers watch work-related videos at least once each week.

     - After watching the video, 65% of these same decision makers visit that company‚Äôs website for more information! 

   *Based on a 2012 nationwide survey of senior decision
    makers and business executives.


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How to Use Online Videos
Market your Company's Products and Services
to Military Airbases, Airports, and the Airlines


YouTube now has over 400 Million business-related views per day!  You company can easily tap into this powerful marketing tool and promote your company's products and services to the huge defense aerospace and commercial aviation sectors. 

1. Your video should be concise and factual.  It should contain photos and/or short videos of the products and services being featured in the video.  

2. Your video should be professionally prepared so it reflects the proper image your company wants to reflect to prospective customers.  

3. In order to generate new business leads, you should offer free product / services brochure or samples. 

4. Provide your company's website URL and contact information so viewers can obtain more information and/or samples.   

5. You can increase the number and quality of views of your video by selecting the right keywords.  Include these keywords in your video's title, and in your text description.  You should also include these keywords in your video search engine tags.  Since YouTube is now owned by Google, placing your new video on YouTube gives you an tremendous boost in search ranking results when the keywords in your video are used by Google users. 

A well-made online video is a cost-effective way to quickly reach executives and senior leaders within the aviation community.   The aviation community in the United States is a huge market! 


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Your online video is a powerful marketing tool that works non-stop.  It will be working continuously (24-7), month after month, generating new leads for your sales team.   Your video can work for many years bringing new customers to you. 


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